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SharePoint 2013

The release of SharePoint 2013 ushers in a new strategy for SharePoint Online. No longer do you need to wait a couple of years to use the latest version of SharePoint in the Microsoft cloud. SharePoint Online uses SharePoint 2013, and everything you read about is directly relates to SharePoint Online.

If you’re already familiar with SharePoint, then this latest version of the product will be familiar, and many of the annoying and painful bugs and interfaces of earlier versions have finally been worked out. You no longer need a highly paid consultant to walk you through each aspect of every feature. In a nutshell, things are finally starting to get intuitive. (Although, if you need a consultant, I can recommend a good one.)

Whether you need to create a new website for your team, a new app to store content, or a page to approve and publish critical information, SharePoint 2013 has a solution. SharePoint 2013 is intended to be a self-service environment.

I’m not saying that SharePoint is always easy; in fact, like any enterprise software system, you can expect some frustration. However, if your organization uses SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online, you have a wealth of solutions to solve your particular needs.

This 6 part series on Windows Vista is brought to you by Asif Rehmani, you will learn:

  • Installing
  • Exploring a Team Site
  • Uploading Document to Document Library
  • Changing the Theme
  • Workflow enhancement
  • User Interface

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