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Microsoft Word 2010 is probably the most popular word processor in the world. It’s also one of the key apps in the Microsoft Office productivity suite.


Microsoft Word is a powerful companion for all tasks related to creating, editing and checking text on your computer. It works with all popular document formats, including support to save files as PDF, or send documents by email through Outlook right after writing them.


Whether you create a text from scratch or use one of the many templates included, Microsoft Word will help you with a wide array of tools: tables, text formatting options, color schemes, support to insert images and clip art and more. Microsoft Word also includes a powerful spellchecker and tools to revise documents with marked text and personal notes. Support for video, however, is still missing.

This is a 18 part series on Microsoft Word 2010 is brought to you by David Murry.

  • Customizing Word
  • Spell Checking and Printing
  • Compatibility Mode
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Formatting Pictures & Inserting Graphics
  • Section Break
  • Headers & Footers
  • Using Watermarks
  • Advance Tables
  • Styles & Formatting
  • Text Wrapping & Pictures
  • Using Columns
  • AutoCorrect
  • Building Blocks
  • Advance Find & Replace
  • Word 2010 Captions
  • Footnotes & Endnotes
  • Bookmarks & Cross-References

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